Monday, May 22, 2017

Meet Dahshanae, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer

Dahshanae Denise Jones, known as Dahshanae,is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and dancer from Chicago. Check out her latest song, "Sashay," on SoundCloud.

Dahshanae is currently managing her little brother's career as a upcoming rapper. He has a project coming out in June called G.A.S. Her oldest brother is also a rapper named Tazzie H, and he and Chewy Bandzz just came out with a song called "Rock," which is also on SoundCloud right now and doing amazing. Dahshanae was the director and shot the video for this song.

You can keep up with Dahshnae on Twitter as well as Instagram. Her website is at

1. How did your career as a singer/songwriter get started, and would you tell us a little bit more about your family members being involved in music as well?

I've always had a passion for music since I was little. My entire family is like a boombox. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I started a singing group with my two cousins and we called ourselves The Talented Angels. We were like the young Destiny's Child, and I was Beyonce lol. We used to perform for family functions, and then we evolved to talent shows and competitions. I would always choreograph our dances and write our songs, if we weren't performing someone else's. It was nothing but great times.

As of now, I am a solo artist, of course and that venture is always exciting working on my projects and working with my brothers, Tazzie H and Kaza Block, who are both amazing upcoming artists.

2. What was your process like in producing your latest project, the "98:An Imperfect Masterpiece" EP?

Now that was an amazing experience I will never forget! I always knew that when I put out my first big project, I wanted to produce it myself, and that's exactly what I did. Every aspect of that project came from a soft spot in my heart for 90's music, and I love how everything came together. My whole thing was, this era of music is nothing compared to the 90's era, and one of my favorite things about music from that time was the pureness and how it made you feel. It made you feel things you didn't know you could, and I just wish we could bring back that aspect of music we so desperately need in this generation.

3. How have people been responding so far to your new single, "Sashay"?

I've been getting a lot of feedback and positive vibes so far! I hope that more people listen to it and and love it as much as I do.

4. Who do you look to in the industry--are there people you see as reference points for your own work?

I look up to strong woman in the industry who continues to make the impossible possible. I love to listen to artist like Beyonce, of course, but I love Janet Jackson, Erukah Badu, Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse, Kehlani, and the list goes on. I also look up women outside of music like Taraji P. Henson, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Monique, Viola Davis, and the list goes on again. I like to take from those amazing women when it comes to patience, creativity, and confidence.

5. What are you working on now, and what projects are coming up for you over the next year?

I'm literally the multitasking queen right now lol. I'm of course working on my music. I'm working on a few special projects that will be released this year. I also recently came out with my official merchandise, which is on my website right now. I'm working on some modeling and acting projects, and I'm in the process of writing books and so much much.

I am also working with my two brothers. Tazzie H and Chewy Bandzz just came out with a hot song called "Rock" on SoundCloud. I shot the video for the track and their working on a dope project for July. My younger brother, Kaza Block, is also releasing a dope project for June called "G.A.S". Right know, we're all just non-stop working and can't wait for everyone to see what we're made of.

Thanks, Dahshanae!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Meet Christopher John Scruton of Anarchy Brothers Press

Christopher John Scruton is the owner and operator of Anarchy Brothers Press, an independent comic book publisher and digital store. Passionate about writing from the age of nine, he had a rough upbringing and often turned to comic books as a refuge away from the horror around him. He was born with a learning disorder, and in elementary school, a teacher sexually molested him. That teacher never served any time in prison, and as a result, Christopher has been distrustful of authority figures throughout his life.

In high school, Christopher was a victim of bullying, called names like "faggot" by his peers and "lost cause" by his teachers. Shy and soft-spoken, he kept his head down until graduation, at which point he matriculated into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in order to study computer animation. There, he honed his skills as an artist and expanded his mind by experimenting with substances such as marijuana and LSD.

Outside of comic books, Christopher is interested in punk music and tattoos.

1. When you were a kid, what drew you to writing as an art form?

I don't remember when what drew me to writing. All I remember is when there was computer in front of me, I began to write. I haven't stopped writing and have no plans to stop writing. If there is a day when I stopped writing, it would be the day I ran out of stories.

2. How did you decide to start writing comic books?

I started writing books. Nothing got published, but I think over time I kind of lost passion on writing books. I always loved reading comics, and I still remember every comic I read. So one day I decided: I'm going to write and create my own comics. I still love writing--it is just that I chosen a different medium.

3. How do you come up with the images for your comics?

The best way to describe this is I am creating a storyboard, and I am the director. I have to know where the camera is and how much lighting the scene needs. Sometimes there are images that don't go into comics and I have to know where I want to take this story.

4. What inspired you to start Anarchy Brothers Press, and how did you choose the name for the project?

When I was writing books, I was rejected by many, many book agencies. I thought there had to be one person out there who liked my work, but the more I got rejected, I kind of felt no one wanted to hear about what I was working on. So I decided that to hell with all the agencies who rejected me--I am going to start my own publishing company. It first started out to be an independent publishing company, and it evolved into a comic book publishing company. The name came from being a punk: I can do things for myself and the love of being that there is no government, but anarchy. Also, I dedicated this company to my brothers who are no blood related, but I feel that they are brothers from another mother.

5. What are you working on currently, and is there anything else you'd like people to know about your work?

Right now I am working on issue number 4 of Dark Web Stories. It is called The Hunters vs The Preys. It is about the story of The Most Dangerous Game but it does have a twist. It is about the rich that are willing to hunt people who are poor and not just kill them, but to bet on them on the internet on who can survives the longest.

My work is kind of dark. I don't like fan fiction, but if there is a movie or video game I played, my mind looks at it and I start to think I can create a story out it and all of it is original. For example, one of my comics, I Have No Use For A Name, is about the apocalypse. There have been many comics and movies about the apocalypse, but these other stories don't take up subjects that no one wants to talk about, like pedophilia.

I always had distrusted people of authority and that shows up a lot in my work. The thing is I don't believe if someone is a cop or the president that means you have to respect them no matter. The thing is you have to earn my respect.

Thanks, Christopher!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Interview with ForeX Masters

ForeX Masters is a service offering courses and support for people learning to be traders. They provide trading knowledge and skills meant to translate into successful trading. After sharing their knowledge through courses, they monitor new traders' performance and how they are applying what they have learned. Learn more at

1. How did ForeX Masters get started?

ForeX Masters started as a complimentary service that we were offering to some of our alternative fund investors. Some of them had experience trading their own stock and commodities account and wanted to learn more about Forex market and how our fund strategy was delivering hedge alpha.

Before we knew it, we had more people being referred to us via our brokers and clients, and decide it would be a good and fun opportunity to deliver in-depth forex education. This also serves as a tool for our expansion plan while recruiting and growing talent.

2. What are the main differences between the three Forex courses that you offer?

We understood based on our own experience and the feedback of our clients that people have different needs. These needs can be based on their lifestyle, life stage, and financial goal. Some are doing trading for fun, while others do it as a mean to earn extra money. Still others simply do it as a means to build a long-term retail trader career. In some cases, I have seen people transiting from stock and indices for career purposes. Not many big institutions offer an in depth trading course but expect their traders to have acquired that knowledge. Therefore, we thought it necessary to design different courses with the aim of filling business needs in mind while always providing a solid base.

3. How have your courses helped people with their ability to trade either part-time or full-time; in other words, what are some of the key skills that you teach?

We have had a great success to date with every student that manages to complete their chosen program while respecting and following our methodology. Till today we have some our student testimony that can be seen below as successful examples, and for those that still struggle we do operate a open door policy, where the can get in touch with any of our coaches for a free refresher session.

I actually had a student contacting me in October last year almost 18 months after completing his program; he told me he needed help, and I spent two months coaching him after we met for a coffee. Sometimes people lose interest and drive, and as with mastering any skill in life, successful trading take requires time and having the right attitude is key.

Students usually come out with a deep understanding of technical and fundamental analysis but more importantly the importance and impact of countries' economies, and central bank policies on currencies exchange. And another important lesson is the correlation between currencies and commodities. Something I always assure my students is that by the end of one of our program, your view on the world will drastically change while at the same time your understanding of it will help you have a more fulfilling life.

4. Are there any misconceptions that you commonly see people having about trading?

Misconceptions associated with Forex trading are always the same with the financial trading industry and investing: people believing it's a scam or that huge amounts of money are required to invest or simply that the markets are rigged so that only the wealthy would profit.

Contrary to stock and indices, for example, there's no one entity that can control the outcome of a trading session. With the Forex market it's a fragmented and decentralised market where all parties need each other and the biggest players do need the smallest to a certain extent. Anyone can profit from this market if they put the time and effort into learning. Even the best traders and funds do lose money at times; the secret is to stick to risk management and build consistency.

Another misconception is that it's impossible to make an income from trading, which is totally untrue. People can indeed make a living from trading but once again this requires knowledge time and discipline

5. For people who have always wanted to get into trading, what makes Forex a good option compared to other ways of investing?

The Forex market offer a unique way for individuals to invest and trade 24 hours a day. The information needed to make informed trading decision is widely available on most brokers' platforms and specialist websites for free.


Women in Technology: Building a Support System

The following is a Guest Post by Aly Chiman @ Alychidesigns

We need more women in technology, but it isn't easily done without help. Here is a list of organizations in Atlanta, Georgia US that proactively support women in technology.

A Many successful people accredit some of their accomplishments to learning from others who've walked the path before them. Someone to speak for their strengths and offer support. For many, this is a mentor, supervisor, or experienced friend who can challenge them daily. Where can one find and build such a relationship? Check out this list of organizations that exist to encourage and support the next generation of women in tech.

Women in Technology (WIT)

For aspiring leaders, WIT offers access to some of Atlanta's most successful leaders in technology through its networking events. Their monthly forums offer young professionals an opportunity to hear and learn from forerunners in the industry. WIT's Girls Get IT program is designed to expose girls in middle and high school to careers in technology, and encourage them to pursue STEM majors. WIT on Campus then encourages college students in STEM majors to stay their course, post-education


Founded by Bernie Dixon, the Chairman of the Atlanta Technology Angels, Launchpad2X is a program to foster the success of female entrepreneurs and business leaders. The program is set up to expose women to some of the challenges and opportunities they will come across in running a business. Participants in the program are given the chance to interact with investors, successful entrepreneurs, and professional service companies to build a network and grow their chances of success. Most importantly, the women receive individual coaching not only on starting a business, but also on becoming a strong and successful CEO.

Startup Chicks

Startup Chicks exists to inspire and encourage female entrepreneurs of varying levels to be confident in building their businesses. Members are exposed to invaluable mentoring relationships and potential investors, while meeting on a regular basis in small groups to support and learn from each other. Quarterly networking events allow members to introduce their companies to some of Atlanta's top technology and business leaders. Startup Chicks also offers an intensive accelerator program known as Hatch for promising entrepreneurs to learn the basics of pitching and financing.

Women Who Code

Women who are interested in developing the skills they need for advancing in a technology career will find a wealth of resources with Women Who Code. The organization holds socials and hack nights that are ideal for women looking to be part of a community that codes. They also offer technical study groups and workshops on career development in the tech industry. Meetings are a chance to expand your network of professional coders and learn from each other.

Rails Girls Atlanta

Rails Girls creates an intentional and inclusive community for women who code. They offer a safe and fun environment for women of varying skill levels to pursue their interests in programming. With a diverse set of coaches and speakers, Rails Girls meetings offers participants a chance to expand their skill sets, professional networks and community of coders.

Your journey in technology doesn't have to be a lonely one. Venture out and get connected with individuals and organizations to help you thrive in the field. As you have read, there are communities out there rooting for you. Get plugged in, because when you do, you will find that you are not alone after all.

Meet Matthew David Parker, Photographer

Matthew David Parker is a photographer based out of New York City with over 18 years of experience. He primarily works in NYC and the but is available for opportunities worldwide.

1. At which stage of your life that you discover yourself with an obsession for architectural photography?

The Big Apple has always been a profoundly inspirational, profoundly influential place for me and my artwork because it (New York City) for me, is literally the most perfect representation of hope, opportunities, health, success and abundance. I have always seen the city of New York as the central hub for all things in life that are important in life, sort of as the pulse of everything new and cool. New York has always inspired this ambition in me to inspire others of the majesty of the heart of the city. More and more in my life, I have found New York's rich architectural backdrop as the one place on earth that I could happily explore with a smile on my face for the rest of my life.

2. When have you been most satisfied in your life?

I believe that I am at my happiest now, although you can argue that the first moment I discovered happiness was when I discovered photography, when I was 13. Oftentimes, I think, "how can a man possibly be luckier than myself?" I am a world-class artist and photographer who is making a name for himself, not just in the world of New York photography, but in art circles worldwide. Art critics around the world have labeled me a visionary, as opposed to just another uninspired, bargain basement wedding photographer. The fact that I've been able to make quite a good living doing what I love is just icing on the cake. Yes, the present time is definitely the best time my life has ever been and I wouldn't trade places with any other artist in the world.

3. Who are your influences as an artist?

Lucien Hervé, the Hungarian photographer popular for his very futuristic, very avant garde style. Some people see him as the Salvador Dali of photography and I'm one of those people who agree. I'm also a great lover of Berenice Abbott, a popular photographer known best for her breathtaking photos of cultural icons of the 60s and 70s.

4. Whose design language did you fall deepest in love with? How come?

Lucien Hervé and his avant approach to accentuating shapes and patterns in his black-and-white photos has always inspired me as an artist to create minimalist works of art. I often times find myself using Lucien's greatest works as a measuring stick for my success as a photographer and I see that is the greatest thing I've ever done.

Thanks, Matthew!